Call To Prayer For Jacksonville and Coastal Georgia    --  July 15, 2007

Family of God, this is Brother Daniel Bohler. Many of you remember me. I have preached in your church and spoke at your ministers conference and God had me to prophesy and to give you words that were coming to your city and most of you probably saw it come to pass as the weeks and months went by. I know Brother Ligon has got it recorded. And one of the last things that the Lord showed me, as strange as it may seem, and, of course, this is the way it is sometime—on the way to the airport, Brother Kevin was taking me, I saw by the Spirit of God a gigantic explosion that would take your breath, over there between that Jacksonville and Brunswick area. I couldn’t tell exactly where it was; it came so quick. And I told Brother Kevin, I said, if you’ve ever prayed you need to pray because you know how I see things walking in the office of a seer. And he said he would. Well, the years have gone by and I have just prayed for everybody over there and of course we prayed mightily during that giant unheard of hurricane that came through there that I saw by the Spirit and had to prophesy and they evacuated your city. Of course, you remember me having to tell you that. But anyway, I received a call from my daughter in England and she and her husband are missionaries. They are building a church in a Muslim community. It’s been quite an ordeal. But they’ve been faithful to do what God told them to do regardless if it meant their life for the last six years. She called us with tears in her voice. She said, Dad, we’ve been up all night praying and have gotten many churches on their face because we know it’s a serious hour. And she said, Dad, a member of the MI5--which is England’s CIA--a top ranking officer, came to one of the pastors in London. He came with tears in his eyes and he was almost emotionally uncontrollable. He said we have no hope if God doesn’t intervene in England. And then he began to tell me that they had the unequivocal truth. They had the truth, the knowledge, the information, all the intel(ligence)…that those fellows were about to blow a nuclear device that would kill hundreds of thousands of people. Not only did they have the Intel, the Geiger counters, and the other highly sophisticated equipment that tracks uranium and all those things--had them on the trail. And she said, Dad, please pray for us.
Well, we went into mighty intercession. And I’ve had others to go to prayer and to help us. But then all of a sudden I remembered, it was only a few weeks ago I was in Georgia. Brother Perry Stone’s father, Mr. Stone Sr.--who is about a 79-year-old gentleman--is a seer. He walks in the office of a seer—he was there. And Dr. Kennedy and all of us were there after the service and Mr. Stone walked up to me and he said, Brother Dan, I feel like I need to tell you this. (You’ve got to realize he doesn’t even know the prophetic word that I had to give over that area many years ago.)  He said, “An angel of the Lord came to me the other night in a time of prayer. And he put his hand on my shoulder and he said, ‘Get your prayer people together all over that area of the nation.’” “And he said, ‘you better get them to pray over that east coast…especially down there in that Jacksonville area, all up that coast because the enemy of your soul, the terrorists plan to blow a nuclear device.’”  Well, when he told me that, I said, Oh, my God, thank you for telling me. Then my wife and I did another service and then we worked our way on back to Kansas City and I held that thing in my heart, to continue to pray for y’all because I remembered what God had shown me when Brother Kevin was taking me to the airport. Well, when my daughter called me about this serious thing that’s underway right now in London, I went into a time of prayer and I cried out to God. And folks, you’ve got to cry out to God and He’ll bring the spirit of intercession and revelation and knowledge to you in prayer. You’ve got to cry out to Him and say, Oh God; I want to make a difference. I want to make a difference, God. Well, as I did, I began to pray and the Spirit of God came on me awesomely. But then when I began to get up, God brought it back to my attention again! —About when I was over there in your place. And I gave that word. And that word that Brother Stone gave me. And then all of a sudden in the spirit I saw it (in a vision) go off in England, and then go off in the United States, exactly where I do not know. And then it went off again in another place. And then I said, Oh, my God. Oh, my God. And I realized by the power of the spirit and the revelation coming by the Holy Ghost they were trying to make a statement (the terrorists that hate us, the people that want to destroy us)…that they were going to let those devices go—boom, boom, boom. And they were going to coordinate across the world. And I said, Oh, Lord, I’ve got to call Brother Ligon. This is a sign from heaven. This is a confirmation unequivocally that this thing is close that You showed me years ago.
Now folks, listen to me. I love you. I appreciate you. I don’t expect you to walk in the office I walk in. But I’m the man that went to New Orleans and told them face to face--hundreds of people--the city was going to go under water. I did it on Sid Roth’s show. I told them, your city’s going under water, you’ve got to pray. Then I went back. Then I put it on my own television show. We were on Direct TV for years and I told them. I made videos and audios and sent it to them. I couldn’t get people to pray. And their city went under water. I’d even got letters from a lawyer down there that said his wife went alone for days after I was there and sought the Lord in fastings and God said, You get out. It’s coming like the man of God said. Well, they moved. Their home was saved. That lawyer and his family are now back with a mighty ministry in their home teaching the word of the Lord, that New Orleans has got to repent, make things right and live for their God.
I can tell you stories like this that go on and on—from Florida to Michigan to Georgia. Dr. Kennedy can tell you in Augusta, Georgia (the woman of God that pastors a congregation of over 3,000 people now) it’s grown out of the walls—how I had to warn that city that it was going to go under water. And how a mountain of prayer was put up and only half of the city went under the water a year later. She remembers it. And she can also remember when I had to warn them about an F5 tornado that was about to come to Augusta, Georgia, and that if we didn’t stop it, that the destruction and death would be horrible, but they laughed at her—the church tried to--they wanted to--run her off. And then she called me. She said, I’ve never had persecution like this in my life. I said, let me go pray. And I went and prayed and cried out to God. God said, you call Dr. Kennedy and you tell her that that video you sent her and what you saw in the spirit to play it on television. He said that mercy before judgment is at the door. Well, I want you to know, in six days an F2 tornado hit Augusta, Georgia, and ripped the place all over the place. And the water in Lake Olmstead came out and Dr. Kennedy said trees were passing her house like missiles and she said she cried out to God and pleaded the blood of Jesus over her home and her city and she said, God, if I can get out of here I’m going to put it on TV. and all the TV. Stations and we’re going to have a citywide prayer. Well, she did just that and it took her two years, and I want you to know we had 8,000 people to show up to pray in a citywide prayer service all because God was saying, Hey, I love you, I don’t want an F5 tornado to rip your city apart.
Now I can go on for a long time telling you things like this and if I’m ever down there I can keep going like this for another two to three hours because I’ve been in over a hundred cities. Well folks, this thing is serious. You’ve got to pray. God’s given us two to three to four confirmations. And I’m concerned for you. Put a wall of prayer. Get the city together. Get before God. And I don’t know if you, brother, I didn’t have my TV. on today but, Brother Ligon heard Chertoff, the Secretary of Homeland Security--I guess that’s who it is--and something he said today. He said it was quite disturbing. Well, let me tell you something. The enemy of our souls is trying to destroy us and God loves us and God gets things done through prayer, you see. It’s like Mrs. Alice Smith, the head intercessor at the World Prayer Center, called Pat Robertson and they put her on the 700 Club. She said, Brother Pat, I don’t know what it is, but God showed me a great hole that came in the United States—a great split in the earth. And that’s when Brother Pat Robertson said that the Lord showed him in September there was going to be an unheard of terrorist attack if it wasn’t stopped in prayer. Let me tell you something, God’s talking to us folks. Please listen to me and get on your knees. God bless you is my prayer.