Christian Renewal Church



     The purpose of the Orientation Class of Christian Renewal Church

is to teach you the Word of God and familiarize you with all the activities

available at CRC.  Even though you may already be well-versed in the Bible,

this study will bless you in your Chrisitan life.

     We encourage you to commit yourself to faithfulness in the classes

for four weeks.  The classes are arranged so that a person who misses

one class can make it up on the same Sunday the next month.  

You will receive a manual that we encourage you to read

all the way through and be ready to ask questions in the class.

     May this study prove to be a great blessing for you and your family. 

We love you and are so very glad you are here.



                                                                                                                 William T. Ligon, Sr.    

                                                                                                                 Senior Pastor